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About Good Wealth

Good Wealth

Good Wealth has been offering monetary advice to Swiss people of all backgrounds since 2000.

Initially starting out as a minor financial guidance team in Bern, Good Wealth has eventually become one of the major wealth managers in Switzerland, with a broadening national reach of trained Financial Advisers and assistance personnel.

“We trust that excellent monetary advice has the capability to alter people’s lives.”

Every week, almost one hundred households are well on their way to achieving their ultimate lifestyle with the help of their advisor. Your understanding and informed advisor gives serious consideration to your financial status, such as your income and expenditure, your obligations, your aspirations, and your current phase in life, all to get you to financial security. If you want to set up for retirement, save up for a vacation of your dreams, or just want to become more adept at managing your funds at home, get in touch with your local advisor today.

Our Vision

We understand that money is more than just a means to purchase items. It is what gives your family the ability to have meals on the table. It is the means to own a residence that will become your home. It is also how you can provide your children with the education to help them attain their ambitions. Money will permit you to take those daring trips around the world and make sure you are able to have a peaceful retirement. Therefore, we would like to help you make the most suitable choices in regards to how you spend, invest and safeguard your money. Everyone should be given the chance to live the life they have always dreamed of. Life is too short not to.


Good Wealth is an Swiss provider of investment advice and dealing services to corporate, sophisticated, professional and private clients. Good Wealth provides timely guidance for investments across the corporate, wholesale and retail financial markets. Our approach allows our clients the freedom to participate in a wide range of financial products.

Good Wealth adopts integrity into its every day actions. The company’s ethical moral character is based on a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one’s actions


We are always looking to exceed expectations with our service; we are dedicated to helping our customers experience growth and gain profit. Our achievements rely on our customers’ accomplishments, making profitability essential for our standing as a prosperous company.

Client Commitment

Good Wealth takes pride in its clients and provides tailored services to meet the unique financial ambitions and risk preferences of each person. We are a boutique firm that offers a personalised touch.


To make investing a simpler process for individuals, Good Wealth provides a full-service advisor and implementation service. All it takes is a simple call or email to access our expansive resources.


Our crew of analysts are consistently keeping watch over the market so they can react to shifts for advantageous entry and exit points in a timely manner.


Our experienced help team is always available to provide responses to any inquiries you may have either through email or over the phone.

Long Term Thinking

We have demonstrated our resourcefulness and resilience by reflecting on the experiences of our staff.

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