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Our team culture offers the perfect balance of support and personalization; big enough to offer professional assistance, yet small enough to make sure each client is treated as an individual. At Good Wealth, we prioritize developing lasting relationships, and many of our original customers remain with us to this day.

Moreover, all of our team members have the required qualifications and experience to help clients with their financial planning needs.

Frederick Hargreave
Frederick is the Head of Good Wealth and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the financial sector. He has an admirable history of establishing financial services companies in both Switzerland and the UK.
Logan Keswick
Logan is a specialist in the financial sector, with an extensive array of abilities. He utilizes his expertise in financial investigation and assessment to provide banks and hedge funds with useful details and awareness.
Philip Farewell
Philip has a long history in the world of investment management with more than two decades of experience in the financial industry. He was part of the Morningstar Growth Portfolio for ten years and served as one of its founding members on the Investment Committee. In addition, he also served as a Senior Equity Analyst at Macquarie Group.
Jeremy Slater
Jeremy has a great deal of knowledge in the financial markets that he has gained from working in various international exchange markets and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. He has been employed by a few of the most successful FTSE 100 companies in leadership roles with regards to portfolio operations and customer relations. Jeremy utilizes this valuable experience to give the highest quality trading assistance to Good Wealth's clients. He is also fully certified to provide advice on derivatives, stocks, and managed investments.
Davis Kendall
Davis is a Senior Advisor with us who deals with affluent customers throughout Switzerland. Before joining Good Wealth, he held multiple financial and portfolio management roles in prestigious FTSE 100 companies. Davis is licensed to offer generic counsel in Derivatives, Stocks, and Managed Investments. He is an expert in strategies intended to produce higher returns than medium to long-term stocks over time.
Gregory Mediean
In 2016, Gregory became a part of Good Wealth as a Senior Equity Advisor, catering to high-net-worth individuals. He has been in the financial services industry for 2 decades and has expertise in accounting and share advisory, in addition to making guest appearances on Sky Business News. His interests and enthusiasm are focused on fundamental and event-based investing, and helping clients increase their wealth.
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