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What is a term deposit

When you invest in a term deposit, you will be putting your money into a bank or other financial institution for a predetermined length of time and a set rate of interest. This provides security and assurance as to how long your funds will be in the investment and how much you will get in return when it reaches maturity. Upon expiration of the term, your initial capital plus the earned interest will be deposited into your Self Invest transaction account.

Benefits of term deposits

  • Fixed rate of return
    A term deposit provides peace of mind as you will know exactly how much money you’ll receive at the end of your chosen term.
  • Low risk
    As the interest rate and return are fixed and there is no chance of a monetary loss, term deposits are considered a low risk investment.
  • Control and choice
    You have the option to choose an investment term ranging from 30 days to 365 days with competitive term deposit interest rates from leading Swiss banks.

Risks of term deposits

While term deposits guarantee surety and security over a long period, the yield from them is usually lower than other investment opportunities such as stocks. There is no increase in the capital you put into a term deposit, so it may not keep up with inflation. When determining if a term deposit is the right choice for you, think about your long-term investing objectives and how you can utilize it to complete a diversified portfolio.

It’s important to remember that term deposits typically cannot be broken, which means you are not able to access the money you put in a term deposit, or the interest earned from it, until it reaches its maturity date.

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